Who We Are

Established in June 1993, M&L Supply began as a single man-on-a-mission company committed to increasing the safety of firefighters and those they rescue by providing them with quality equipment, training, and service to ensure they had access to the best tools available. Since then, we have grown to include an Ontario-wide team of sales and representatives, service technicians and a full-time head office staff, all committed to a common goal of providing the absolute best to firefighters across Ontario. 

We believe that only the best can provide the best, so our sales team is staffed exclusively by experienced firefighters. After all, nobody else could possibly have a better idea of how to provide value to firefighters than firefighters themselves. Fire departments can get hundreds of calls every day, and the public expects quick and competent response - nothing less than the absolute maximum a firefighter is capable of providing. Firefighters expect the same of their equipment. When fire departments call M&L Supply, Fire & Safety, they know they can count on fellow firefighters who are ready to utilize their own personal knowledge and experience in order to provide the best for every customer.

Meet The Team

M&L Supply Fire and Safety believes that quality products and services must come from quality people - that's why we're committed to hiring the best of the best!

Mark Prendergast

- Explosive Technician
- Chair of Ladders Up Committee
- 24 years as Owner of M&L Supply
- 27 years as a Salesman
- 22 years as a Firefighter

Phone: 613-537-9559
Cell: 613-577-0469
Fax: 613-537-9449

Angela Puddephatt

Operations Management

Phone: 613-537-9559
Cell: 613-880-0067
Fax: 613-537-9449.

Steve Rose

Northern Ontario Inside Sales
- Emergency Patient Care Level 1
- NFPA Firefighting 1 & 2
- Legislation 1001 Ontario Fire College
- 8 years with M&L Supply
- 5 years as a Firefighter
- Graduated St. Lawrence College/Fire Academy 2009

Phone: 866-445-3473
Fax: 613-537-9449

Rick Browning

Central Ontario Sales
- Former Instructor at Fleming College 
- Wild Land Firefighting
- Community Emergency Management Coordinator Designation Province of Ontario
- IMS 200 Instructor
- 22 years employed with M&L Supply
- 34 years as a Firefighter retired as a Platoon Chief
- Worked through the ranks of Captain, Training Officer and Platoon Chief
- Forest Tech Program Graduate through Fleming College
- Seneca College Fire Program
- Ontario Fire College Graduate

Phone: 877-665-7425
Cell: 647-212-0472

Darren Neff

Southwestern Ontario Sales
- TFT Technician
- NFPA Instructor 1 & 2
- NFPA Firefighter 1 & 2
- 20 years employed with M&L Supply
- 28 years as a Firefighter
- 8 years as Deputy Chief
- Class A Mechanic through Conestoga College of Guelph

Phone: 519-369-3067

Dave Aitken

Eastern Ontario Sales
- Instructor at Algonquin College
- 17 years employed with M&L Supply
- 26 years as a Firefighter
- Acting Platoon Chief
- Property Appraisal through St. Lawrence College

Phone: 613-551-6051

Brian Honey

York Region/Toronto/Mississauga Sales
- Instructor with Fleming College Pre-Service Firefighter Program 2010-2013
- 10 years employed with M&L Supply
- 19 years as a Firefighter
- Manufacturing Engineering Technologist Diploma - With Honors through Fleming College
- Industrial/Quality Engineering Technician Diploma - With Honors through Fleming College
- Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician (Robotics) Diploma through Fleming College

Cell: 905-396-6636

Mark van der Feyst

Southwestern Ontario Sales
- FDIC Instructor
- Author of 1 book
- President of FireStar Services Inc. (10 years)
- 2 years employed with M&L Supply
- 18 years as a Firefighter
- Bachelor of Fire and Life Safety Studies through Justice Institution of British Columbia
- Masters of Science in Safety, Security & Emergency Management through Eastern Kentucky University
- Pennsylvania State Fire Academy

Phone: 519-421-9851
Fax: 613-537-9449

Joan van der Feyst

Southwestern Ontario Sales
- Vice President of FireStar Services Inc. (10 years)
- 2 years employed with M&L Supply
- Certificate Accounting through Athabasca University 
- Legal Admin Graduate through Durham College

Phone: 226-378-5660
Fax: 613-537-9449.

John Primeau

Renfrew/Ottawa Valley Sales
- F200 Forestry Trained
- Crash Rescue Trained
- 20 years employed with M&L Supply
- 37 years as a Firefighter, retired as a Chief of Laurentian Valley
- Worked through the ranks of Lieutenant, Deputy Chief and Chief

Phone: 613-732-9412

John Uptegrove

Service Technician
- Amkus/TFT Service Technician
- Training Officer of the Year (Ontario Association of Fire Training)
- NFPA Instructor 2
- NFPA Fire Officer 3
- 16 years as a Training Officer
- 16 years employed with M&L Supply
- 31 years as a Firefighter

Phone: 519-766-0801

Richard Mailhot

Service Technician
- Amkus/Cutter's Edge Service Technician
- 10 years employed with M&L Supply
- 17 years as a Firefighter
- Licensed Millwright through St. Lawrence College

Phone: 613-347-3756
Cell: 613-551-1166

Allen Manley

Service Technologist
- Scott Certified
- Jordair Certified
- SCBA Compressor
- 3 years employed with M&L Supply
- 6 years as a Firefighter
- Mechanical Engineer Technician through St. Lawrence College

Fax: 613-537-9449

Stacy Charlebois

Service Technician
- Scott Certified
- NFPA Firefighting 1 & 2
- NFPA Instructor 1 & 2
- 2 year employed with M&L Supply
- 10 years as a Firefighter 
- Currently Training Captain
- Industrial Maintenance Mechanic through St. Lawrence College

Phone: 613-551-9555
Fax: 613-537-9449

Kaitlyn MacDonald

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist/Order Entry/Invoicing/Payables

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449

Kim Seguin

Finance Administrator

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449

Pam DeBoer

Invoicing/Order Entry Specialist

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449

Kelsey Sloan

Service Coordinator/Administrative Assistant/Social Media

Phone: 613-537-9559
Cell: 613-362-5092
Fax: 613-537-9449

Peggy Dulmage

Warehouse Manager

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449

Karen Jones

Special Projects Coordinator

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449

Erin Hosler-Wensink

HR/H&S/Operations Support

Phone: 613-537-9559
Fax: 613-537-9449