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Full-time office staff, 10 sales representatives and 5 service technicians. Exceptional products promoted by experienced people equals unbeatable value.

Customer Service


We have been responding to your service needs for 24 years and climbing!

Quality Products


In this line of work there is no room for inferior equipment so we only sell the best! All of our suppliers and products are fully vetted by our experienced sales representatives.

A Message From Our Founder

We represent many of the most innovative and dedicated equipment manufacturers in the industry. Our sales representatives are firefighters themselves, so they know firsthand the importance of having equipment you can count on. They also have extensive knowledge and experience with the equipment and its use – both in the specialized training they’ve received and on the fire ground.

It is important to me personally, and to everyone in our company, that we work as partners with all of our customers to provide them with the best products and services at competitive prices.

Mark Prendergast – President

Latest News

Loyalty Comes In Many Forms

Loyalty Comes In Many Forms

15 August 2016

Loyalty comes in all forms. Brand Loyalty, Company Loyalty, Loyalty to the lowest price. Loyalty is also a two-way street. You don’t get instant Loyalty, but you can destroy it in an instant.

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Winter Fire

Happy Winter to All!

Winter brings its own unique set of challenges to firefighting. Cold weather, snow, and ice add tremendous danger that every firefighter needs to be aware of.

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Three Families and Some Red Tents

Three Families & Some Red Tents

The people I grew up with, the fire department I am part of, and M&L Supply. Three families that...

Communication Fire

Communication and Common Sense Are Key!

Over the years, many innovations have been made in the fire trade.

Our Training is a Value-Added Service!

Cutter’s Edge Rotary Saws are another great product offered by M&L Supply.

Defining Moment

Defining Moment

DEFINING MOMENTS In life we have many defining moments. Weddings, births, new house, divorce